…to the Blog for Redmond Consulting, Inc., an executive recruiting firm operating exclusively within the architecture, engineering and planning markets related to all transportation modes: Aviation, Surface, Rail, Transit and Ports.   We live, eat and breathe the issues which affect our clients, and we enjoy talking about them.  We hope you will chime in and share what you think as well.

Mild Disclaimer

This blog is full of opinions, observations and beliefs memorialized in a manner which is meant to spark dialogue.  The topics relate to either transportation infrastructure and policy or career matters in some form or another, but by no means do we claim to be experts on every topic we tackle.  You may not agree with all of the conclusions drawn here, and that’s okay!  We welcome your comments and contributions, especially when they add depth and new perspectives to the issues at hand.

This blog is a personalized representation of who we are.  As such, it will not be bland, politically balanced or full of self-promotion.  If you want to see that, please visit our beautifully crafted website.  If you’re interested in seeing what type of searches we are working on, please visit our Searches page.


Josie Summa, President

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